Homeschooling Has Taught Me 3 Practical Life Skills

Hello there!! As homeschooling parents we do a lot of teaching throughout the day but in honest truth we do a great deal of learning as well. Lately, I’ve been thinking about it and I believe it’s something we should take the time to consider and ask ourselves: what homeschooling has taught me?

homeschooling taught me, lesson learned

I was happy to see improvements and I’m sure you have your own lists of things you’ve learned as well. The list of things I’ve learned is long and ever growing, so for today I’ll be sharing 3 practical and necessary life skills that Homeschooling has taught me.

Practical Life Skill #1: Patience

I know I’m not alone in this one, I’ve talked to many homeschooling moms and all of them said patience was on their top list of things they have learned. I feel that at times if we want to succeed in our homeschooling, we have no option but to learn to be patient with our kids, with ourselves, with our mate and even with our relatives and friends. It’s almost like putting ourselves in their shoes and learn to see things from their perspective instead of wanting things to be our own way.

We learn to be patient with ourselves by remind ourselves that we are not perfect and that we have limitations. Even though we have this burning desire to do so many things the truth is that there’s only so much we can do.

I still have so much room to grow in this department but from where I started and where I am today, I’m ever so grateful.

Practical Life Skill #2: Organization

If I’m not organized and disciplined about getting up each day and be ready for homeschool, my daughter’s learning experience will be affected. I will be stressed out, I will feel lost and I’ll be wasting time which is a commodity for homeschooling moms.

One of the reasons I decided to homeschool V is because I wanted her to have the best learning experience I could offer, and that requires a tremendous amount of discipline and organization on my part. Here’s a quick list of things I have to have organized:

  • all the material for homeschooling has to be prepared in advance
  • all the supplies for different activities and experiments have to be gathered and be ready to use
  •  field trips, play dates and so on.
  • her extra-curricular activites

But the organization isn’t limited to homeschooling, I also have to make sure the house is in order (very tentative), and that I’m also making sure my family eats healthy meals (very tentative as well) and that all expenses are within our budget. I feel tired just by reading it!

Practical Life Skill #3: Flexibility

Rough days are just part of the homeschooling journey, no argument there and I learned that being flexible will help me to stay sane. There was a time I would freak out if I was running behind on our schedule or if activities were taking longer than what I had planned for. My lack of flexibility was robbing us of the joy of learning, it was killing it and that is not what I wanted.

I made a few changes in our routine and schedule because I want V to spend as much time as she wants in those activities that she truly enjoys. If we are not having a good day, I realized it’s best to just stop, give it a break and try to resume it later. V is only uncooperative when she hasn’t had enough sleep or when she’s starting to get sick and on these days we won’t have much progress anyway, so it’s best to just to rest and relax. It won’t be the end of the world, we can always resume it the next day refreshed and in a much better mood.

Sometimes, I’m the one who’s having  a bad day or just not feeling well, so we also take a break. A quick break work wonders for both of us!

Now, it’s your turn!

Tell me what has homeschooling your child or children taught you? If you haven’t had a chance to stop and think about it, or put it in writing I highly recommend you to do so. Why? For one reason, you can see your progress! More reasons? It is also a way to count your blessings and have it handy to comfort you on those days when things are rough.

To help you get excited about thinking of it and writing it down, I created this cute printable. It’s free for you to download and start using right away!

Homeschooling has taught me – free printable

homeschool life lessons

Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!







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