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Hello there, today I’ll be sharing some information about another Homeschooling Style – School At Home, and it’s exactly what the name says School At Home!

Media tends to use this method when talking about Homeschooling because it’s probably the easiest way to help uniformed ones to understand about Homeschooling.

homeschool styles series - school at home homeschooling method

School At Home parents purchase a boxed or ready-made curriculum which usually comes with books, textbooks, schedules, record keeping, and even some experiment materials. The curriculum provides a schedule for the family to follow and they may also offer online or/and phone support for the parents.

School at Home can be very helpful for families that are just starting because the boxed curriculum gives the new homeschoolers a more structured start. Some families choose this style because that’s what they are more familiar with. There are still other families that opt for this style because due to varying circumstances, they may have had to pull their kids out of public mid-year, and adhering to this style helps with the transition.

You will find that some families just use this style as a starting point, other families stick with it throughout their homeschooling journey.  I’ve seen both cases and these families are thriving in their homeschooling journey.

Other families use this approach but create their own schedule  as they may feel they need more flexibility.

The books, textbooks and grading system are very similar to the Public School System and it can offer peace of mind to some families as they know that what their kids are learning  is meeting the state’s requirements for their level. This can be a determining factor to some families, because knowing that their kids are at the same academic level as the kids their age, is important for them in case they have to send their kids back to school.

Tests and assignments might be turned in for grading and record keeping.

So, let’s summarize it:

Pros of School At Home – Homeschooling Style:

  • Boxed/ready-made curriculum provide a structured starting point for families
  • More likely to meet the state’s education requirements
  • Children’s learning is in alignment with the academic level of kids their age in case they go back to public school
  • The parents know what to teach and when to teach


Cons of School At Home – Homeschooling Style:

  • It can be quite expensive
  • Some curricula can be very time consuming for the parents
  • May not fit with the philosophies and goals of the homeschooling parents
  • Some curricula doesn’t offer much wiggle room or flexibility

Unfortunately, I don’t know any family that blogs with this style of Homeschooling but I do have some of the most popular resources for those who are interested in this type of Homeschooling Style.

Resources to explore:

Calvert Education


Pear Blossom Private School K-8


K-12 Online Education Program

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Next post, I’ll be sharing more about another Homeschooling Style – Unschooling, so stay tuned!

The information above is intended to help you understand what Homeschooling Styles are out there, but don’t feel pressured  to label your homeschooling. However, I do believe that knowing what style you fit in helps you in finding the most appropriate curriculum to your homeschool.

The best style is the one that resonates with your Homeschool vision and goals.

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