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Hi there, I have a new post today about another great Homeschooling Style – Waldorf Homeschooling.

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Waldorf Method is based on the works of Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (1861-1925), an Austrian philosopher and social reformer. Steiner believed in educating the child as a whole – the mind, body and spirit.

Standard textbooks are not used, instead the child creates her own book also known  as “good book” for each topic studied. In these books the child records drawings, experiments, essays, poems and everything else that aided her in learning the topic.

The Waldorf Method is anti-screen (TV, computer, tablets). They believe that this technology impacts creativity and the well being negatively. However, computers can be used in moderation during the high school years.

Imitation activities are encouraged, therefore it’s very important to surround the child with good examples. The child also helps around the house with chores that are age appropriate.

Early intellectualism is discouraged since it’s believed that the child needs time and space to let their imagination flourish and to experience life in their own ways. By allowing the child to develop and learn in her own pace the child will grown stronger physically and emotionally and do well in the academic years ahead.

The Waldorf Method is composed of 3 stages:

  • Early Childhood Education: birth to 7, the child actively explore the surroundings, with a balance of active and quiet time. There’s no formal teaching at this stage, the child has lots of unstructured creative play with simple toys to maximize the imagination development.
  • Elementary Education: 7-14, the “feeling life stage”, the stage where the child learns more from the artistic and imaginative approach which stirs feelings. The topics are taught in 3-6 weeks main lesson blocks.
  • Secondary Education: 15-18, still uses the “good books” but now some textbooks and limited computer time are added. Focus on developing critical reasoning, with the goal of forming an individual who has the ability to be independent and to function in his adult life. An independent thinker, well rounded and well educated individual.

Waldorf Homeschooling seems to be a very interesting Homeschooling Style. I really liked the idea of creating the “good books” and the fact that the kids are truly involved in the day-to-day activities in the house.

Would like to connect with some families that practice Waldorf Homeschooling?

I hope you have a chance to visit these great families pages listed above if you are interested in the Waldorf Homeschooling.

Our next blog post will be about Montessori Homeschooling! I can’t believe  this series is coming to an end. I’ve connecting with some great families that are doing some wonderful job out there with all these different styles of homeschooling. Even though there are different styles of homeschool we are still one big community of homeschoolers who support and cherish each other.

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