Homeschool Style – Unit Study Approach

Hello there!! Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about this versatile and very popular  Homeschooling Style – The Unit  Study approach.

cross curriculum, thematic studies, integrated studies

What is The Unit Study Approach?

Unit Studies Approach is also known as:

  • cross curriculum
  • thematic units
  • integrated studies

It is a favorite among large families because all children learn about the same topic or theme but each at its own level and saves on the teaching and preparing time as well.

Think about it: if you are homeschooling 3 children,  and let’s say for Science one is learning about animals, the other one about the Human Body and the third one is learning about Weather, You have then 3 different topics to address and prepare. Now if you are using the Unit Studies approach you and your children choose a topic and all learn together about that same topic, but each one will learn according to their level.

The Unit Study Approach makes great use of hands-on activities and research. Projects and field trips can be done together and it is a great option for children with different learning styles. No wonder it’s a popular choice among homeschooling families.

Want to connect with some families that utilize this approach and see firsthand how it’s done? Check the links below.

I hope you enjoyed this series of articles regarding the most popular Homeschooling Styles. I had so much fun researching and learning more about each one and as an Eclectic Homeschooler because I can add a little bit of each one in our homeschooling routine!

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