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Hello there, today I’m excited to share what I have learned about this interesting Homeschool Style – Classical Homeschooling.

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The Classical Education is also known as the Socratic Method. This approach dates back to the Middle Ages.

It’s based on teaching people how to learn for themselves. The Classical Education is language-focused instead of using images/videos to learn. This line of thinking is based on the principle that learning through language makes your mind work harder in processing the information and transforming the information into a picture in the mind of the student or create a concept. Whereas, watching a video or learning through pictures is considered a more passive learning approach. All subjects are connected.

The Classical Education has 3 stages of learning, called the Trivium – a three-part process of training the mind:

  • 1st Stage – Grammar Stage (Concrete): grades 1-4. During this stage the child has fun memorizing and learning facts such as rules for grammar, spelling phonics, math and so on and build educational foundation.
  • 2nd Stage – Logic Stage (Analytical): grades 5-8. During this stage the child is more interested in learning why, making connections and is ready to study cause and effect. The student applies the knowledge learned in the Grammar Stage.
  • 3rd Stage – Rhetoric Stage (Abstract): grades 9-12. During this stage the student is more independent and expresses  himself in a clear, fluent and convincingly manner. The student is constantly writing and speaking about what is being learned. At this stage the student also starts to explore in depth his personal interests and passions.

As often as it’s possible the Classical Homeschooler will not use textbooks but rather living books.

A great resource to learn more about this style of Homeschooling is the book:  The Well Trained Mind – Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.

Another great resource is The Well Trained Mind website.

We will actually be using their Story of the World – Ancient Times for History this school year. Our choice of  Science Curriculum – Elemental Science,  is also based on Classical Education and this is our 3rd year using their curriculum.

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On my next post I’ll be sharing more information about another great Homeschooling Style: Charlotte Mason, stay tuned!

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