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Today, I’m sharing what I’ve learned about another popular Homeschooling Style: Charlotte Mason.

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Who was Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason (1842-1923) was a British Educator and she loved children. Education and how children were viewed in her time was quite different from  what we have today and even a few decades ago. In her time, many children were given little or no respect, they didn’t have a say on things and in most cases kids weren’t even allowed to express their opinions.

Charlotte Mason however,  had a high view of children and she developed an educational philosophy centered in educating the child as a whole person.  Her education method was based on Christianity and learning about God through the Bible is the primary knowledge to be taught.

What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

Charlotte Mason believed in the importance of giving the children time to play and learn from real life situations as well as teaching them to develop a love for learning that goes beyond the academic years.

Charlotte Mason’s method or approach has 3 pillars to be considered:

  • Atmosphere: the environment plays an important role since about 1/3 of the child’s learning happens through what she absorbs from her home environment. How the parents act and react, both in daily life situations and during the schooling.
  • Discipline: the discipline of  good habits and the first key to developing good habits is to practice them. For example, waking up every day at a certain time is a good habit that comes with practice. Remember, practice makes it permanent, repetition makes it habitual.
  • Life: the learning should be lively. The child will learn better with living books and thoughts rather than receiving a bunch of dry facts to be memorized.

Other facets of the Charlotte Mason’s Method include:

  • The use of living books: books that make the subject come alive.
  • Short lessons: a wide variety of subjects and a short amount of time spent on each subject.
  • Nature Walks: spending time outdoors, learning and exploring God’s creation.
  • Narration: the students must narrate in their own words what they learned about the book they were reading. Older students can also write their narration.
  • Copywork: the child will learn spelling, grammar and practice handwriting by using daily copywork from passages of great books.
  • Nature Notebooks: kids draw and write information about their nature studies and finds.
  • Art & Music Appreciation: by studying about the great composers and artists and exposing the child to a variety of artistic and craft activities.

There’s so much more information about the Charlotte Mason method. If you are interested in learning more take a look into the links below:

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