Get Qurious Explorer Box Review

Hello there, today I’m sharing some information about a fun product we receive a few weeks ago – the Get Qurious Explorer Box. What got me “qurious” about this product is the fact that they claim your child can play with physical and virtual games at the same time.

What is Get Qurious?

In short, Get Qurious is a STEAM box filled with material to provide hours of fun learning, using both the material in the box and the free Get Qurious App.

We received the Get Qurious Explorer Box for this review. It has:

  • 16 build a story cards (front)
  • 16 build a spaceship cards (back)
  • 4 masks (strings for the masks also)
  • 4 treasure hunt worlds
  • Activity and Instruction Card

How do You Use it?

We prepared our masks. Then, we downloaded the App on my phone. We tried to download it on our iPad but for some reason it wasn’t working (our iPad definitely had seen better days). Finally, V got to start playing with it.

There are basically 4 activities that you can use the App and the material that comes in the box.

Activity 1: Build a Story

You choose the activity Build a Story on the App and get your Build a Story Cards and start playing. Your child can create many different stories each time using different cards.

Activity 2: Mask Play

Your child puts on the mask and get the App started and then he or she can record a story themselves, or just be silly and have fun.

Activity 3: Build a Spaceship

Using the back of the Build a Story Cards, you can build a Spaceship.

Activity 4: Treasure Hunt

Your child uses the App to scan the Treasure Hunt World mats and start searching for the hidden treasures.

V’s favorite activity was Build a Story, she really enjoyed it and easily spent a few hours already playing with it. All in all I do think they were able to combine virtual games and physical games in one great educational toy.

Hope this information was helpful! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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