Science Curriculum Review – Elemental Science

Hello there!! I’m trying new features on my blog because I want it to be packed with useful information for you! Tuesdays will be our review day and today I’ll be sharing details about our choice of Science Curriculum – Elemental Science.

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We started using Elemental Science in First Grade and it’s still our choice of Science Curriculum now in Third Grade. We are using their Classic Series – Grammar Stage (Elementary) and we simply love it.


The curriculum has 36 weeks and for each lesson they offer 2 possible schedules:

  • 2 days a week
  • 5 days a week

I prefer to do 5 days a week because this curriculum is packed with hands on activities and we love these. Hands on activities is a deal breaker for me when searching for a curriculum, specially for Science.

Books & Supplies

They offer a list of the:

  • required books
  • scientific demonstration books
  • additional reading books
  • videos
  • supplies needed

They list the items need by week, so each week you’ll know what you’ll need to have in order to teach. You’ll know what are the suggested additional reading and what supplies you’ll need to make sure you have the scientific demonstration done which is so important.

Unit Study

Each Unit Study has an initial page again with a list of the books needed, list of the supplies needed, the vocabulary that will be presented in the lessons and the memory activity – usually a poem for the kids to memorize during the Unit Study duration.  Each unit one has different lengths of duration. For example, now for Chemistry for the Grammar Stage our Units look like this:

  • Atoms and Molecules Unit (4 weeks)
  • Periodic Table Unit (12 weeks)
  • Physical Changes Unit (4 weeks)
  • Chemical Changes Unit (4 weeks)
  • Mixtures Unit (4 weeks)
  • Acids and Bases (4 weeks)
  • Organic Chemistry (4 weeks)


The first time we created a Lapbook we instantly fell in love with it. They are great tools for reviewing what was learned, and extra hands on activity to practice cutting, gluing, organizing a layout, extra writing activity. Lapbooks are fun and we complete all of them. *Please note that the lapbooks are an optional part of the curriculum.

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Scientific Demonstrations

Each week your child will have at least one scientific demonstration and parents, please try your best to get them done. The kids love it, and it’s such a great opportunity for them to see science happening in front of their eyes.

Coloring Pages

We have never used them because we work on so many other activities, but if you child loves coloring they seem to be a great addition.

Teacher’s Manual

It’s packed with good information and it’s so easy to use. It starts with the Scientific Demonstration and tells you the purpose of the demonstration. They offer you a Take it Further section  so your little ones can dig even deeper into what they are exploring that week.

Then you have the reading Assignments, the Questions for Discussion to help you see if your little one is understanding what is being taught. Next, the additional reading books’s list and the Writing Assignments guide. Then, Vocabulary, Multi-Week  Projects/Activities, and last but not least the Memorization Activity. V loves to recite the poems and they are also a great way to remember the information learned.

I try my best to add some of the extra projects they offer but we don’t always have time.

Student Workbook

The Student Workbook has the narration pages, the Lab Report and Vocabulary.

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Each week ends with a short quiz, but you’re evaluating all week long how much your child is actually absorbing.

Final Words

Elemental Science has a blog that is very informative and helpful. It’s packed with tips to make the Science learning experience more enjoyable.

Here is a short video where I share more details about this great curriculum

I hope this post was helpful. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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