2017 Solar Eclipse – How to View It Safely?

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Hello there friends!! I felt I needed to jump in here and write a quick message regarding the safety of the Solar Eclipse glasses and in case you ended up with a fake one suggest you a few safer ways to view the Solar Eclipse.

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I’m not going to get into all the details but if you wish to read more about it, here are a few links from a reputable source.

This is such a great opportunity but we want to make sure our kids and we ourselves are safe. The damage caused by the sun light can be irreversible and even though it’s something unique and amazing it’s  not worthy of losing your eye sight.

Do I have the right solar eclipse glasses?

Due to some counterfeit glasses, lots of people including myself were concerned about the ones we purchased and because of that I researched and found out where to check if my Solar Eclipse Glasses were safe. Click here and you will be redirected to the American Astronomical Society and they have a list of reputable vendors.

I was deeply relieved to find out our glasses were safe and I honestly hope yours are safe as well.

Now, what do you do if you find out your glasses aren’t safe?


Make a pinhole to safely view the Solar Eclipse. It’s an easy and quick project that you can make it even in the morning before the Eclipse.

For this project you’ll need:

  • cardboard box
  • duct tape
  • pin
  • aluminum foil
  • masking tape

Here’s a video showing how to do it!

What if I don’t have enough time to make a Pinhole?

You still have options! You can watch it safely through the Internet and Television.

NASA will be providing live streaming of the Solar Eclipse through many options:

That’s it, friends! Hope this information was helpful and hopefully you’ll be able to either have safe glasses, view it through the pinhole or even watch in online or through the TV. Either way you’ll watch it, you will have fun and most important of all you’ll know that you had a safe experience.

Have a great Day and thanks for stopping by!

Vanessa Z. Pawlicki