Book Report Prompt – Free Printable

Hello there!! Today, I have something really cool for you. I truly hope this Book Report Prompt- Free Printable will be as helpful to your little one as it was for V.

We are enjoying so much our  Classic Literature Unit Studies from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We love making the lapbooks and we have done a few of them in the previous years but this year (Third Grade), I added the Book Report Activity. V had some difficulty writing the book report. I felt she needed something she could work on more independently, so I designed this Book Report Prompt.

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How to Assemble It?

Very simple to assemble, simply print all the pages, cut them, put them in order and staple them at the top.

Step 1: General Information

A space to add the name of the book, the author, illustrator and also the type of book (fiction, mystery, non-fiction, poetry, drama, romance, fantasy, biography, auto-biography, historical fiction, etc…).

Step 2: Setting

Where the story takes place? When?

Step 3: Main Character

Here is where your child can write all about the main character. Describe the character physically and also what kind of person he or she is.

Step 4: Other Characters

a space dedicated for your little one to describe any other character from the book the he or she liked or disliked.

Step 5: Beginning

Now your little one will start writing about the story itself. What happened in the beginning of the book, what is the problem or theme of the book.

Step 6: Middle

Have your little one write about what happened in the middle of the book. How the problem is being solved.

Step 7: End

Your little one will write what happened at the end of the book, the solution of the problem.

Step 8: My Opinion

Here your little one has a opportunity to write if he/she liked the book, what were his/her favorite characters, what they liked about the book. Will they recommend the book? What rating they would give the book?

free printable, literature book report

V really liked this activity because it made her feel confident to write it more independently. Feel free to download your own copy on the link below.

Book Report Flipbook Prompt

Hope you’ll enjoy it! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Life Cycle and Anatomy of a Pumpkin Free Printable

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Hello there!! I’m so excited to be releasing this really cool free printable. This is the season to study about pumpkins, and because of that I wanted to make it available as soon as possible. Check out our Life Cycle and Anatomy of a Pumpkin Free Printable.

Homeschool free printables, homeschool freebies

This printable has 7 pages of cool activities for your preschooler, Kinder, First and even Second Grader.

Coloring Pages

This packet has 2 coloring pages. One for the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin:

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The second one if to color the Anatomy (parts) of the pumpkin:

pumpkin freebie, pumpkin free printable, parts of pumpkin free printable

Trace the Words

Tracing the words activity for the Life Cycle of the Pumpking:

pumpkin life cycle free activity, free printable, homeschool free printable

Tracing the words activity for the Anatomy of the Pumpkin:

pumpkin parts free printable, pumpkin anatomy free printable, homeschool free printable

Fill in Activities

One for the Life Cycle of the Pumpkin:

pumpkin free printable, pumpkin free activity

Another one, for the Anatomy of the Pumpkin:

free printable, homeschool free printable, pumpkin parts free printable, life cycle pumpkin free printable

Life Cycle of Pumpkin Sequencing

This is by far one of my favorite activities. When V was littler she used to have tons of sequencing activities.

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Get your Free Download

Click on the link below to download your copy of this fun printable.

Life Cycle and Anatomy of a Pumpkin

I do hope you enjoy this free printable that I created for you and your little ones.

If you have any printable that you feel it would be useful for you, let me know. Send me an email using the contact form and I will do my best to help you out with your needs.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!