Teaching Area!

Even though it’s not mandatory to have a room dedicated exclusively to Homeschooling, I do like to have an area dedicated for it. My area has changed a lot since we started Homeschooling. I’m always trying to find what works and actually fits in our budget.

I need to have all the school material organized, it just makes life easier! Believe me, between Homeschooling, running 3 blogs, studying and preparing for the meetings, going out in field service, conducting Bible studies and caring for a house… much organization is needed.

Back to the teaching area! I got this storage unit at IKEA. Another feature that I liked about it, is that you can secure it to the wall thus preventing it from tipping over in case your little one(s) decides to climb up on it.

General view

Curricula and some books
Arts and crafts material 

Reading and spelling auxiliary material

More useful stuff

Math auxiliary material

That’s it! Very simple and yet organized enough to keep me sane!

Have a great day!
Vanessa Z. Pawlicki

Kindergarten 2014-2015!!!

I cannot believe how fast the time is going by, my little one is already in Kindergarten! We started our school year on September 2nd, right after Labor Day. V was very excited and I was worrying so much about the curricula choices. While all the other Moms spent days during the summer time stressing out about their curricula choices I was simply enjoying the summer with little V. I could hardly understand why the Moms were so worried about it, until a few weeks before the school started. Never realized how much thought and research is put into finding the right curriculum that fits the budget, making the supply list and schedule and so on.

Well, after many prayers and asking Jehovah to guide me, I found all that I needed. I do have to say, I’m so pleased with all my choices and so is little V, all thanks to Jehovah’s guidance!
Kindergarten 1st day picture!

Hope you will stick with us and follow our journey through Kindergarten. I’ll share with you what we do, our choices of curriculum, resources, ideas for activities and how I try to teach my little one to apply Bible principles on her daily life and help her to draw ever closer to Jehovah. 
Have a great day!
Vanessa Z. Pawlicki