Life Cycle and Anatomy of an Apple Free Printable!

Hello there!! Can you believe we are a few days away from the beginning of Fall? I’m just so excited – Fall is my favorite season. There are so many awesome things about Fall: the weather, the crisp leaves, the smell of pumpkin spices, the colors. Isn’t it amazing how lively it gets before the winter comes? You’re probably getting ready for Apple Picking with family and friends and that’s why I created this really cool  Life Cycle and Anatomy of an Apple Free Printable, so you can use it either before or after your Apple Picking outing.

 Apple parts, apple anatomy, life cycle of apple

I’ve been creating some activities for V since Preschool. Sometimes I just want to add some extra fun to what we already have, or sometimes it is just  something that’s not related to what she’s learning at the moment but I would like her to take a look at it, to explore it some more. Some other times, it’s about something she showed interest in learning more.

Let’s take a look at what is inside this packet, shall we?

First, a poster showing the Life Cycle of the Apple.

Apple life cycle

Your little one can color it. Then you have an option to have the same activity with either cut and paste or to write the stages of the Life Cycle of the Apple, as shown below.

complete the life cycle of the apple

Then, some sequencing.

life cycle apple order, free printable

Last, we want to make sure they learn about the Anatomy of the Apple.

Parts of the Apple

Did you like it? Want to have a copy for yourself? Click on the link below to download your own free copy of our Life Cycle and Anatomy of an Apple Printable.

Life Cycle and Anatomy of Apples Packet

I hope you’ll enjoy it and have fun apple picking!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!




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