Hello there!! We are so happy to have you here!! My name is Vanessa, I’m the author of At Home Teaching V and also another Homeschooling blog in Portuguese (which is currently under construction).

I’m a  Homeschool enthusiast, wife to a great husband and a mother to precious Little V who by the way is not so little anymore. I’m a skittles lover (I’m serious, you will always find Skittles somewhere near me).

I try my best to live a life based on Bible Principles. I’m a proud servant of Jehovah God and I work very hard to teach Little V to love God more and more each day and to draw closer to him.

I can spend hours crafting with paper, it’s like therapy to me!  I really want to be a good seamstress but I still have so much to learn.

There are two seasons I can’t stay indoors for too long – summer and fall. Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the weather, I love seeing the leaves changing colors. I feel like Fall is the “pie season”, is there anything that smells better than a pie baking?

I want to be a good gardener but sometimes I don’t think I really have a green thumb but you won’t see me giving up on that so easily!

V is a happy and sweet little girl, a  homeschool lover,  bookworm and Oreo Thin Mint cookies crazy. She loves her American Dolls, Samantha Parkington is special – it was her first American Doll.

I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool my child and the Homeschool Family Community is a great community where you get lots of encouragement and I hope here I will be able to give some of all that goodness back by keeping it real because that’s also encouraging.