3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Today, I’m sharing our 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices. We had a few changes in our Homeschooling Curricula and I want to show you what we are using for this homeschool year (2017-2018).

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If you are new to my blog, you must know that I try really hard to find curriculum that offer lots of hands on activities. We like to have as much fun as possible while learning.

I want V to enjoy the learning process and for us it translates into lots of colorful and engaging activities. V loves coloring, cutting and pasting; she likes to be challenged; she loves hands on activities and these are specific things I look into a curriculum when I’m curriculum shopping.

Let’s get to our choices for 3rd Grade then, shall we?

Math: Teaching Texbooks Math 3

This is our first year using this curriculum. V was really excited about it and still is. I think she needed a change. We were using Math U See since Kindergarten, don’t get me wrong we still love Math U See, the only thing though is that V wasn’t really feeling motivated anymore with Math activities so I decided to make a change and try this curriculum that I hear so many good things about as well.

So far we are enjoying Teaching Textbooks. It has CD with lessons and activities, quizzes and all that is graded by the computer, so I don’t have to grade her work anymore. You can either choose to do just the CDs or add the workbook, we do both the CDs and workbook.

Spelling: All About Reading Level 4

I simply love this spelling curriculum. We have been using it since Kindergarten and it’s a great way to learn spelling rules rather then memorizing them. You get to practice a lot. I love the use of the letter tiles and the phonogram cards and phonogram app. Another plus is how easy they make it for parents to teach spelling.

Reading: All About Reading Level 4

Another great option that we have been using since Kindergarten. V is bookworm and I love that she feels confident about reading.  All About Reading also makes use of the letter tiles, phonogram cards and phonogram app.

History: Story of the World – History for the Classical Child Volume 1: Ancient Times

Our first time using this curriculum. I heard so many good comments about it and decided to try it. It offers fun activities for each unit and extra reading material as well. So far we are enjoying it.

Writing: Write Shop Primary Book B

Another new option for us with lots of hands on activities as well. I do like how they set up the lessons and that they offer various schedules for you to follow.

Grammar: 2nd Grade Grammar Bundle by Annie Moffatt

We are finishing this bundle from 2nd Grade and hoping soon she will release the 3rd Grade Grammar Bundle. Meanwhile I’ve been looking into other options as well. Will let you know what I’ll decide later on!

Geography: Expedition Earth

We used this curriculum in First Grade and now we will be using again and dig deeper. Super fun, engaging and lots of hands on and crafts activities.

Science: Chemistry for the Grammar Stage from Elemental Science

Each lesson has an experiment and they offer also other activities as well. Very hands on learning. We love lap books and we do complete all of them.

Arts: Artventure

New art program  for us and so far we are enjoying it. If you follow us on Instagram you’ve seen how Little V is truly enjoying it.

Music: Teach Your Child Piano in the Homeschool by Karen Cadera.

We started with the Free Challenge last year and I loved it. It gives us another opportunity to do something fun together. Karen’s videos are great and she is so helpful if you have a special request or a question about the course.

Typing: Typing.com

New for us. It’s a free online typing course.

Third Grade workload is heavier than 2nd Grade so and I try my best to make sure our lessons are shorter and that she gets to do a little bit of everything everyday. I might have to cut on some of the crafts but I’ll make sure the really fun ones will get done.

That’s it for today friends! Hope you enjoyed our curriculum choices, we are really happy and excited about each one of them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer:  This post contain affiliate links and I receive a small commission if a purchase is made at no extra costs to you. 

Vanessa Z. Pawlicki


2 Replies to “3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum!”

  1. Write Shop looks like so much fun! I have a 3rd grader, and I think she would enjoy that so I’m sure yours will too. I hope your year goes well. It looks like you have made stellar choices.

    1. Thanks Kayla! We are enjoying Write Shop very much, lots of hands on activities and most important of all they really want to make sure the child is enjoying the writing process. I hope your year goes well too!

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